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October 2019 Links

A collection of interesting things I’ve discovered this month: ASP.NET Core CSRF defence with Antiforgery

Migration to Gatsby

September 22, 2019

I’m currently migrating my blog from Jekyll to Gatsby - mostly because I don’t know Ruby, which Jekyll is written in, but I do know…

September 2019 Links

September 04, 2019

A collection of interesting things I’ve discovered this month: json:api - This is an interesting way of structuring the JSON responses from…

August 2019 Links

August 15, 2019

A collection of interesting things I’ve discovered this month (and a few from before that):…

CV tips for .NET Developers

April 28, 2019

I’ve seen quite a few CVs for .NET Developers over the years and unfortunately some people are let down by common mistakes. This is a list…

Pukka tea tasting notes

July 21, 2016

I bought a Pukka teas taster pack a few weeks ago, and kept notes so I could remember which ones I wanted to buy more of. These are my…

Running IISRESET from Visual Studio

December 22, 2015

If you want a quick way of running IISRESET from within Visual Studio: Tools > External Tools… Add a new menu item to run C:\Windows…

UAC, Windows 10 and Visual Studio

August 25, 2015 fix.reg: Windows…

Progressive .NET Tutorials 2015

July 23, 2015

Microservices in .NET IDL - interface definition language - swagger? Components - don’t know what’s remote SOA - make it being remote…

My Magic Lantern bricking experience

January 10, 2015

A few months ago I managed to brick my wife’s Canon 60D. This is the story of how it happened and the things I tried doing to fix it before…

Tweaks for SSDs on Windows

July 03, 2014

Update firmware Check TRIM is enabled AHCI mode Disable hibernation (powercfg -h off) Install Intel Remote Storage Tools Disable page file…

Remote debugging

July 23, 2012

If you have problems remote debugging then make sure you check all the boxes in the Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Firewall…

IIS Configuration

July 06, 2012

We recently needed to make sure that anonymous authentication was enabled (at the IIS level) for an application, regardless of the defaults…

Flotr2 charting library

June 15, 2012

Another candidate for HTML/JavaScript charting, that’s a bit higher-level than d3.js or Raphael:


June 05, 2012

I’d not come across this until today, when I was having problems installing some printer drivers. It lets you list and remove printer…

msysgit conflict with Subversion

May 17, 2012

I’ve got msysgit installed, with the bin directory in my PATH. Unfortunately msysgit uses svn 1.4.6 still, so when I was running svn on the…

Training and events I've been to

August 11, 2009

For the last few years I’ve been trying to keep a list of all work-related training and events I’ve been to. I recently updated this and…

Filter for WinMerge

July 12, 2007

A lot of web development tools like Dreamweaver and FrontPage like to create annoying files and folders throughout a build. I’m sure they’re…

jQuery and SWFObject

July 02, 2007

If you have any problems with jQuery and SWFObject conflicting, put the SWFObject code in the $(document).ready event handler.

Can't execute code from a freed script

September 03, 2006

Another good reason to hate Internet Explorer 6 and it’s hopeless error messages. If you ever get the JavaScript (or should that be JScript…

WordPress and Gallery 2

January 27, 2006

As you may have noticed, this site now runs on WordPress and Gallery 2. I then integrated the gallery into WordPress by using the WPG2 plug…

Voluntary Sector Project of the Year

November 17, 2005

After being shortlisted a month or so ago my project has been awarded Voluntary Sector Project of the Year at this years Computing Awards…

RealPlayer Enterprise

August 06, 2005

If you hate RealPlayer as much as I do then you might find RealPlayer Enterprise useful. It’s had most of the annoyances removed and…

WRT54G-UK Firmware

May 28, 2005

I recently bought the UK edition (WRT54G-UK) of the Linksys Wireless-G 54mbps Broadband Router. Recently it seems to have either been…

Antec SLK3000B and AcoustiPack

May 27, 2005

I recently bought a new case, the Antec SLK3000B. The reason I’m posting this is that some people might be interested to know that the…

Finally, I have a blog

May 27, 2005

I thought it was about time I gave this a go. I hope you enjoy reading it, but don’t expect anything more than a few technical notes or…